How Long Did You Take to “Bounce Back” After Delivery?

So you’ve given birth not too long ago, probably been 2 or 3 months or so… And someone approaches you and asks how much of your baby weight have you lost. They dare look you in your mama eyes and give you some precious advice on how to “Bounce Back” real fast!

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bounce back baby weight

A woman who had just delivered a beautiful healthy baby should never ever be judged based on how fast she can bounce back into her pre-baby body. That baby will change her life and body, and she’s gonna love every second of it. If she’s provided with the right support and love she needs at that time.

What people don’t really get, is that this baby was 9-months in the making. 9 LONG months! Where her body went through hell after hell, pain after pain to get through safely.

And to get back in shape can sometimes mean losing the milk supply and not being able to breastfeed your bundle of joy, along with all the health risks this can have on the baby’s health.

So what are the reasons women gain weight during pregnancy?

newborn Baby

Swelling is one of the most common and most annoying downfalls of pregnancy. One day your wedding ring fits perfectly, the other you feel like it doesn’t even belong to you. Although this can be sometimes avoided, almost half of all pregnant women experience swelling.

When pregnant, the woman’s body makes approximately 50% more blood and body fluids to keep up with the needs of the fast-growing baby. This additional blood and fluid eventually lead to swelling, and weight gain.

And as disturbing as it may look to you, it’s a lot more annoying, uncomfortable, and painful to her. So sorry if our Kankles make you feel awkward!

  • Cravings

You crave chocolate, Fries, Mangoes, Fish, and maybe even Ice cubes. We all do at some point in our pregnancy. And as long as you get the green light from your Doctor, keep things balanced, and focus on providing your baby with enough nutrients, it’s OK to indulge in some ‘bad’ food if you feel like it.

  • Emotions

Pregnancy is a very emotional time for a woman. The uncontrollable, but normal, hormonal fluctuations can make this journey very overwhelming. So just like many of us tend to eat away our stress, sadness, and fear, a pregnant woman does too. Heck! She’s the only human entitled to!

  • Freedom of Choice

Another reason for pregnancy weight is freedom. Some women like myself, enjoy the whole experience of being pregnant and choose to take this time to chill.

I recall that with my first pregnancy, willingly letting go of every sort of eating restriction I previously had. Rather, I chose very freely to eat everything I craved. I decided I won’t let that guilt control me during what should be the most magical time of my life. And so I did, and despite how much weight I gained then, I was happy as a butterfly. After delivery, it took me more than a year to shed all the extra pounds. It may seem like a long time for MOM BOD shamers, but I lost the weight slowly, steadily, and without it affecting my breastfeeding.

As with my second child, I was more into healthy foods and salads at that time, and so the healthy eating habits just stuck around during pregnancy.

Bounce back

Bounce them in The Face

It’s crazy how some societies are too invested in judging a woman by her body, and her ability to maintain a certain weight or look. It is just not fair!

A woman who is capable of managing a household, raising kids, working 9 to 5 all while being pregnant, is more than just a body. She’s a human, a Superhuman!

Not being able to just bounce back in shape right after bringing a new baby into this world is not a crime. A new mom and her baby should be given time to recover and ease back into normal life, without the extra pressure. Thank you very much! A newborn needs a happy, relaxed (as much as possible) mama more than anything.

So as long as you two are doing fine and feeling happy, the baby weight can wait!

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