8 Things You Should Never Ever Say to a Daycare Mom!

This by far has to be the hardest most heartbreaking decision a working mother, or a stay at home mom has to make, choosing will take care of your child. And while some mothers are blessed enough to have a friend or a family member who happens to live close, love children, and is free, this is not the case of all of us. That’s when you, dear mother, get promoted to a daycare mom.

daycare mom

Oh, and when I say promoted I mean it. The amount of S***T, judgment, and nonsense you have to tolerate is just crazy. All without anyone really knowing that guilt eats us a little more inside every time we drop them off.

Every morning when they cry, we cry. Every time they smile at their teacher and reach out to her, it’s just too much to handle.

So, have mercy, bite your tongue, and never say the following statements to a daycare mom. Like Never!

A Nanny is a much better choice

Awwwwwe! Thanks for offering to take care of my child. Can you please send me your schedule? Oh! You can’t babysit him, ok then zip it!

If you have the choice or privilege of having grandmother/ friend/ aunt/ Nanny take care of your baby at home, then bless you, girlfriend! Unfortunately, for many moms, this is not applicable or fully applicable.

Personally, I had my mom watch out for my babies for 10 and 7 months respectively, but then she had to get back to her work. So I enrolled them both at daycare and now, I think it was the best thing I’ve ever done.

Did you hear about that baby who died at that daycare?

Yes! I did! In fact, you’re the 3rd person to tell me this. Just today!

And I don’t need to be reminded of that unfortunate story every day. I already drop my child off feeling scared, worried, and quite miserable. So unless you’re intentionally trying to get me to die of guilt, please shut up.

Isn’t Your child Too Young for Daycare?

Will you pay me those extra off days I’ll be taking as an answer to this question? Or when is it a good time to drop my baby off at your place every morning? How does 7:30 sound?

Most daycares accommodate newborns as young as 6 weeks old, and if you’re a new mom, trust me when I say, professionals at decent daycares are way more experienced in caring for babies than you are. So stop beating yourself up for becoming a daycare mom.

Your Child Will Be Sick All The Time!

sick child

Yes! He will be. He will catch the flu, get a cold a couple of times every season, and might even get the Chickenpox! Bigger picture, daycare children tend to grow a much stronger immune system then their stay-at-home counterparts. Read the following article if you don’t believe me.

I Would Never Do That to My Baby!

Hahhahahahahahahahaha! OMG! This cracks me up every time!
Been there, said that. I used to judge mothers so harshly until I became one. And I really never thought I’d have the courage to leave my child at daycare but I did. So don’t judge just yet!

At one point, you will want your life back, or even just a part of it. You will want to continue your studies. You will want and need to build a career. One you and your children will be proud of. You will even need a break from time to time, and at that point, Daycares don’t seem as bad.

You’re spending your whole paycheck on it.

Yes, daycare is, sometimes, expensive. But first, it’s my money and I believe I’m free to spend it how iI like. And second, losing your career and deviating from that personal goal you’ve set for yourself is WAY MORE COSTLY!

You’ll never get this time back

I do pick up my child from daycare every day, you know. I don’t work 24/7. In fact, he sleeps very cozily next to me every night so we’re all good, thanks for asking.

Kids at daycare

He Will learn to Bite, Hit and…

He also might learn this at the park, in a restaurant, and sometimes even on playdates. So how do I solve that? Just lock him in his room hoping he turns out to be a sane person?

He will also learn to sing, color, dance, and do so many incredibly cute things that will make you SO damn proud!

As a parent, I do my BEST to instill the values and morals I highly believe in, in my children, and I might hold on to them for a long time. But One day they will get out to face the big bad world. And the world SH*T will then be the least of your problems.

Advantages of Being a Daycare Mom

Just to be clear, The same way I didn’t choose to become a Daycare mom, many other working mothers haven’t either. But To be completely honest I think now that I have tried it, I would still send my children to daycare even if I didn’t always have to.


Professional daycares are a great place for your child to socialize, learn, and have fun. The caregivers are usually well trained to handle any situation and any personality.

And no matter how hard it is to drop them off every morning, that smile you get at pick up time, is just priceless!

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