Kids Activities to Make Social Distancing a Whole Lot Easier

So you’re home with the kids for just over a week now. And probably will be for a good month or so. And though the bickering might seem like all you can do at this point, it doesn’t count as one of the Kids activities that will keep them entertained. Have you getting some work done, I personally am working from home and need every second of the day. They shall also keep you sane until this quarantine situation is over. So what Kids activities are best for you and your family?

Best Kids Activities in Quarantine

Coloring & Crafts Kids activities in Quarantine

This is a No brainer and coloring is the first kids’ activity that jumps to our mind every time for the following reasons:

  • Coloring pens and crayons are usually available at home.
  • Crayons are available at various price points.
  • Coloring Reduces Stress
  • Improves Focus
  • It Helps Develop Hand-Strength
  • It’s a Great Practice for Pencil Grip
  • Encourages Self-expression
  • Stimulates Creativity
  • Improves Fine Motor Skills & Coordination

And while you’re at it, coloring has been proven to offer similar benefits for adults. So go print out a few mandalas to color yourself, when it’s finally bedtime for the little ones.

Playdough & Clay

Although you can’t always find playdough lying around the house or under the sofas, It’s still one of the best and coolest kids’ activities ever. It’s a crowd favorite here! And my five-year-old girl would spend hours shaping playdough. So other than keeping the kids busy for long, what are some of the benefits of playing with playdough.

  • Shaping Playdough Enhances Fine motor skill
  • Increases Creativity and imagination
  • Playdough Reduces Stress and Has a Major Calming effect
  • Develops hand-eye Coordination
  • Improves Social skills When Played in Groups
  • Increases Curiosity and knowledge

PS: If you don’t have Playdough at home, you can always use regular dough. Or refer to one of the safe and non-toxic homemade playdough recipes.

Pasta Towers & Masterpieces

Kids activities Pasta towers

This sounds a little too fancy but prepping for this activity is very easy. Start with a base of playdough, real dough, or even marshmallows. Give the kids some pasta and watch them do wonders. The previous activities aren’t so new to us, but the pasta towers were very new and got both kids very excited. It’s one of those kids’ activities that work so well for 1 child or a group. Benefits?

  • Increases creativity & imagination
  • Introduces Physics in a simple and fun way
  • Boosts Fine-motor Skills
  • Enhances Eye-hand Coordination


This is more suitable for older kids. It’s Sally’s favorite! She’d draw scenes on some papers and would have us, the crowd, sit facing her and hear her tell us a story. She’d go through the scenes one by one and pull off a real show. At first, it didn’t feel like this activity was really important or that it would mean so much to her. But now, she’s starting to write her little short stories and make visual books telling the cutest and craziest stories. With time I realized why this particular activity was so important for her.

  • Storytelling or performing gave her a great boost of confidence
  • It’s a great way to spend time together as a family
  • Helps in Developing the skill of public speaking
  • It’s a great activity to enhance verbal & linguistic skills
  • Encourages self-expression
  • Helps you further discover your child’s fears, interests, and sources of joy

Indoor Camping Indoor camping

While all kids’ activities mentioned above come with little to know chaos, this one will end up with you feeling like your house was robbed. But it’s worth it!

My daughter enjoyed sleeping over at my parents’ place. But due to the Coronavirus outbreak, going out is not really an option. So the alternative was camping. Indoors! Again, this activity doesn’t require having so many tools. But you have to be VERY VERY PATIENT!

Give your kids a bunch of pillows, Maybe a mattress, some empty cardboard boxes (optional), and many blankets. You might need to step in and help at some point, but they will have a blast!

Kids Activities – The Classics

Also, there’s nothing like a good workout to get the heart pumping and the adrenaline rushing. Even for kids! So take a 10 minutes break everyday and workout together. As a family. A few jumping jacks, some skipping, and a few squats would do. You’d be surprised how happy y’all will feel. Another form of exercising would be dancing. Bounce and move around to the tunes of their favorite songs, and don’t mind how bad they’ll judge you. because they will!

For a breath of fresh air, we’re taking a 30 minutes break on the balcony almost daily. Even when it’s a little cold! Cause there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes: A philosophy Family Timeintroduced by a mama blogger I admire and respect so much (Check her account). A philosophy I’m trying to follow whenever possible.

And for you mamas who can Bake with your kids and consider it a FUN ACTIVITY, bless your hearts. I wouldn’t survive a minute in the kitchen with my kids. So I try to make it up in other areas. Or rooms!

Finally, no matter how hard we try to entertain them, being locked up indoors is hard. Especially in the case of my kids where they go to school and the nursery every day and get to interact with so many kids. So the key to get through this phase is to be patient, and make the most of your time together as a family!

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